Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Women In Girdles Videos Is Women Wearing Girdles And Nylon Stockings Again?

Is women wearing girdles and nylon stockings again? - women in girdles videos

Maybe I'm not the only woman to wear back belts and stockings, but I never really stopped.I wear a garter from time to time, but for me a while I uncomforible love, but mostly it is a belt or pants, open style here is more practical and easier to give and not spinning.


rowlfe said...

I do not know how many of those days. I met a woman some time ago, lived with her for a while, in fact, low door at work each day. They had a dress code that bare legs are for women. She used a garter when she needed was a bit of tummy control. He mentioned that to me once the belt was a little too restrictive. This from a woman who wore a corset every day, so she took when tiime for a bath. Of the 9 other women in her office, she still took 2 bears, a garter and stockings, and another 1, wearing a corset, as she did. Certainly, braces are absolute masterpieces, very beautiful and very well done. She did not Belt training, but only snugged the ropes a bit, enough to set the physical size of an inch or two. I personally think a woman with a turned ankle and a beautiful view, it makes me hot ...

xtexan22 said...

Problem with a belt and socks ..... Do not worry ..... Hon

joeyboy_... said...

Apparently, as my friend and gartebelts retro vintage, corset belt and stockings to make a comeback. Why? Men love women and feel more like women.
My girls always say they are for girls stockings and socks are real women.
My daughter is only 26 years and believes that these are the only way!
When I asked him to go barefoot, says he still feels safe nylon. unless a very casual event. So they use with confidence and pride

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